An Xavier Update

For those of you who have been following our saga of Xavier’s never-ending illnesses, here is an update for you. After countless trips to the doctor and one hospital stay, a few blood tests from Riley revealed that X has a low count of “mannose-binding lectin” in his blood. This means that he is more susceptible to illnesses, which explains why he was so sick for months at a time. Daycare kept hammering him with germs, and he caught them all…and he just couldn’t ever recover!

So we currently have him at home with a wonderful nanny who comes during the week, and he has been WELL since February! And he’s been almost a completely different kid. Much happier and much stronger. He is very chatty and learns new words every week, and we are working on his walking with First Steps physical therapy. We are moving to Indianapolis at the end of June, which means that Corey and I are able to co-parent better than we are able to at this time.

Thanks for your caring thoughts and prayers!

Jill, Corey, and X

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