The Beauty of Conversation (an addendum to “Please Don’t Call Me Sweetie”)

I am so glad that my previous post has been encouraging, meaningful, and helpful for so many of my readers because I think this is an important issue in how we interact with people of all ages and genders in the church (and other professions) who are our colleagues and persons we look up to and rely upon to be our leaders and authority figures.  I believe it is important to have these continued conversations in order to move forward as a church that celebrates diversity.

I have also had comments from readers who were concerned that I had not addressed the person in question directly, and I heard those comments and affirm the concern.  I had hoped to address the issue when the time was right and in the meantime, share the all too familiar situation with readers who I know have had similar scenarios and to give voice to the issue.  But…I would also like to apologize for not addressing the issue with the person first before posting the blog.  It is always important to speak the truth in these situations in order to avoid future hurt on either side.  I would like to share that this person reached out to me before I could reach out to him- he took time out of his day to call and share in conversation with me about how future interactions with me will not include any names or titles that would not be professional or might have condescending overtones.  He also affirmed my ministry and the work I am doing for the church.  I appreciated that very much.  I am reminded of how important it is to be in conversation with one another first and foremost, and how these conversations will only move us forward into a brighter future.  We all have lessons to learn, truths to speak, and voices to be heard- so let us speak fruitful words with courage and respect, and may we all have ears to hear.

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One Response to The Beauty of Conversation (an addendum to “Please Don’t Call Me Sweetie”)

  1. Chellie says:

    You continue to impress me. Great job directly taking up this issue faced in silence by many.

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