Questions from the Pew- what do our people wonder about?

Do you ever wonder what people sitting in the pews every Sunday wonder about when it comes to God, faith, the Bible, or church?  I do!  So, throughout the month of October, I will be doing a sermon series based on questions we ask.  The past few Sundays, I have handed an index card to each person that comes through the door. I asked them to write down a question or two that they have about the above topics.  Needless to say, I have my work cut out for me!  I have already looked at the questions and wonder how I will possibly divide them up and begin to tackle them.  I am also excited about what the congregation and I will explore together.  I’m sure that they would not mind if I posted them here for each of you, readers, to ponder for yourself.  These questions come from all ages, educational, and faith backgrounds, and I did not edit any of them.  Which ones stand out to you?

Why did God let us live on Earth?

Why does God allow tragedy and suffering?

Why doesn’t God make the world and humans perfect and eliminate Hell?

How did God create the earth?  Why did he?

Why do people who call themselves “true Christians” judge other people, when the Bible says only God can judge you?

How does God speak to us today?

Is the Bible a map?  A blueprint?  A GPS?

Why does God let people live with cancer and some kind of cancer and one is doing great and the other is almost going to die?

Jesus died on the cross for you (and me) to be saved and the idea of grace came to be.  Now, when we asked for forgiveness, we are forgiven by his grace.  Before he gave his Son, were people experiencing grace?  Did they know about it?  How did they ask for grace?  Were more people condemned in that time?  And why are we the only religion that believes in unending grace?  We have a lot of similarities with other religions and faiths- but only we believe in grace.  Is it because only we believe in Jesus?

(About the Bible): What year was the book finished being written?

How did Moses retain the faith to get his people free?

Faith=God/Bible/Church- am I correct?

How can our congregation advance the great issues of justice without having the discussions deteriorate into partisan differences?

How can we better minister to young families/young adults?

How do we know if we have enough faith?

How do you reconcile the knowledge we have of science and the earth and faith in God as the Creator?

What is grace in Christian terms?

Why does God have to watch over us all the time?

How can we know the difference between our own thoughts and ideas given from God?  Are they the same?  Are they not?

How do churches get started?

Will God be there to meet me?

Which translation of the Bible is used in the Methodist church today?

How can we bring more families to worship and enjoy our church family?

Do you think that people who don’t believe in Jesus will go to heaven?  If not, do you think that they have their own heaven?  Or what?!

Why do we have so much arrogance in religion?

Will the people I know that don’t believe in Jesus, will they go to hell?  What if they are kind and loving people in community?

Do we go to heaven when we die or are we raised up when Jesus returns?

How was God made?

When was the Methodist church founded?

How can I read the Bible and understand or interpret it?

What is the best way to serve the church?

How can God hear all our prayers when there are billions of people in the world?

Why do some people have an extreme experience when finding the Lord, while others simply feel the tug of the heart?

Why didn’t Jesus write the Bible?

(Stay tuned for my sermons in October where I will address some of these questions!)

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1 Response to Questions from the Pew- what do our people wonder about?

  1. mark says:

    They also wonder why some of these topics are never mentioned in homilies.

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